Friday, May 30, 2003

In the Afternoon:

An Internet user performed an illegal operation.
And another, the scoundrel!
Phone books for distant cities.
Not that printer, sir, the other one.
"Jerargia" isn't in "The Webster Dictionary." (Nor the OED. The patron was astounded)
Today's paper.
Printer advice.
More printer advice, having to do with frames.
Math books.
Still more printer advice.
See above.
An author named Doyle. No, not that one. Not that one either.
Ruler. Ours vanished long ago.
It's T.C. Boyle, not Doyle.
A nursery in a nearby town.

Later that Afternoon:

Printer advice.
I show a patron how to load the microfilm.
"I'd like that book with all the mutual funds in it," and he didn't mean Morningstar.
Another microfilm lesson.
Classified ads.
A nearby library calls to see if we have Lessons From History, by Charlotte Crabtree, and two others. Geez, our catalog's online; why don't they just look there? I mean, a patron, okay, but a librarian??
Story of Ourselves, ed. by Michael O'Tunnel and Richard Ammons.
Lies my Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen.
Story in History, by someone or other.
Like it Was, a Complete Guide to Writing History, by Cynthia Stokes Brown.

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

In the Afternoon:

Books of synonyms and antonyms.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (recording).
"How do you use the probate files?"
Los de Abajo, by Mariano Azuela, and four other novels in Spanish.
Pancho Villa.
Emily Dickinson.
The shortage continues. I sneak into an office and steal a box of pencils.
Online ESL courses.
Clothing of the Eighties. Not an assignment, I learn. It was for a party. In the Nineties they had Seventies revival parties ...
Copier help.
A lost book issue is wrongly referred to us (I have a friendly chat with the receptionist).
Today's paper.
Our talkiest patron comes in.
Romeo and Juliet Cliff's Notes.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

In the evening:

Horoscope books.
Real estate books.
Adult literacy books.
A library fine question that shouldn't have come to us.
1999-2001 high school yearbooks.
Books on the Nineties.
Divorce handbook, with forms on disk.
Books on carpentry projects, I think.
Ultra Black Hair Growth II: 6" Longer 1 Year from Now, by Cathy Howse.
"Where is Adult Fiction?"
Books on the Nineties. Being out, I show him books on the twentieth century. "That would have the Nineties in it?"
"Poem books," for her "Poem class."
"Sports of the Nineties." The same brain-dead kids.
The poem girl returns.
"I'm looking for two girls that came here."
The carpentry guy comes in.
Mark Twain biographies.
"Where are the kid's books?"
Printer advice.
Internet woes.
Friday's paper, which I could not locate, allowing the patron to sigh righteously over our incompetence.
"Are you a notary?"
Books on the Holocaust.
Fetal Development.
The names of our senators (The patron's going to take the citizenship exam).
Revenge Waves in Unprotected Waters, by Anne Tyler. The kid needed this short story by tomorrow, but I could not find an anthology that had it. I managed to locate it in a 1977 issue of The New Yorker, but the microfiche reader died after we had printed page one.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

In the Morning:

"When is your tax support workshop?" They stopped after April 15.
Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberg.
A Cold Heart, by Jonathan Kellerman.
No Second Chance, by Harlan Coben.
Rental Ordinances.
Young Adult books.
"I need these printed out." The printer is down.
"Tax form. That one there, that says '02.'"
The printer is down, sir.
Yesterday's paper.
Absolutely, ma'am, you could print out your resume here, however ...
Computer crash.
A periodical called Cat Cat Cat.
A book called Cat Cat Cat?
A corporation called Cat Cat Cat?
ADD books in Spanish.
Red Book (This Red Book is for medical supply companies).
Yesterday's paper.

In the Afternoon:

Queen Bees & Wannabes, by Rosalind Wiseman
School financial aid forms.
Executive Power, by Vince Flynn.
The web is still partly down, and our patrons despair.
A gentleman hands us some partly-filled out ILL forms.
Explanation of internet use rules.
Books on reserve are at the other desk, sir.
The Guardian, by Nicholas Sparks.
Directions to the courthouse.
Yesterday's paper.
Bus schedules.
"We're moving to town, and need some information ..."
A. D. McGuire books.
Sidney Sheldon books.
More directions.
Free map.
The Testament, by John Grisham.
Books about a nearby town.
Books on electroplating.
Clipping file on a local landmark.
Los Seis Pilares de la Autoestima, by Nathaniel Branden.
40 Songs for a Better World (Actually she only needed one song).
Books translated by Sigrid Undset.

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