Friday, August 03, 2007

In the Afternoon:

Four more hours and I get a two-day weekend!
The man announces that he's made 400 copies in 6 days, thanks us, and leaves.
No printer connection. Reboot.
"Can I just leave these here while I use the bathroom?"
It still won't print. We switch machines.
The circ clerks are discussing the Potter book very quietly because they know I haven't finished it yet.
Printer advice.
I don't know why they transferred you to me, sir. I'll transfer you again.
"Way of words?" "Way with words?" he doesn't know.
I think I know this person ... or two or three like her ...
Trying to budget part of our collection I start with the assumption that I have twice the money. My bewildered boss calls me.
She describes her computer illiteracy as "old school."
We don't have an index to the obituaries that year, sir.
The online form hates the patron who's trying to fill it out, but it likes me fine.
Printer advice for the Old School girl (Press print).
Ashford & Simpson.
Lift the top up to copy, sir.
DVDs are over there, ma'am.
More copier advice.
More printer advice.
Soup kitchens.
Ravinia tickets.
We don't have math tutors, but we have math books. Yes, you need a library card. Yes, you need some ID to get one.
The house on mango street, by Sandra Cisneros.
Printer advice.
He gives me a detailed update on a homeless guy I helped out, and I don't remember any of it.
Today's paper.
Harry Potter books in Spanish.
Dave Mason CDs.
The date of a local air show.