Monday, January 31, 2005

Back from a three-week vacation. Ready for the challenges of a new year.

In the Morning:

The Attorney General and Solicitor General of the United States.
W-5 forms.
Someone who lived in this town in the 1920s by the name of "May." Apparently he had an expensive car.
How to reach our CEP tax assistance people. They made a mistake.
Printer advice.
Our CEP people have made another mistake.
Microfilm reader advice.
Computer class signup.
Sunday's paper.
Books by Beverly Lewis.
Her mouse won't work.
More microfilm reader advice.
Press the green button, sir.
Domain names and how to assign them.
There's a pay phone in the lobby, sir.
A total stranger calls me "Mister Peter."
Books on Windows XP and The Perricone Promise, by Nicholas Perricone.
Ma'am, I don't think this is a fax number. The other end just said "Hello."
Resume books.
State tax forms.
Computer crash.
I don't know the form you need, sorry, ma'am.
More tax forms.
Computer crash.
"Can I put my baby on my tax form?"
You may sit at any open computer, ma'am.
Tax forms are over there, sir.
You can add money to your card with that machine over there, sir.
Computer illiterate, and legally blind.
Computer workshop schedule (not for him).
She wonders where her ILL is?
Books by Mary Wesley.
The coldest winter ever, by Sister Souljah.
Librarian Y arrives. She is very very very very very very very very pregnant. A ticking time bomb.
Poetry about death through drugs, or something like that.
I don't know how to fill out that form, sir.
Help with Grangers.
Computer workshop signup.
The patron admits it: "The copier is smarter than I am."
Yes, sir, you're on the list for the class.

In the Afternoon:

"Prayer in the public schools, the constitution, just point me to the spot."
She can't reach ILL and it's the library's fault. Click.
Change for a five.
I reset the print server. Twice.
"Someone in the bathroom and won't open the door."
Tom Stoppard.
Today's paper.
CEP tax help schedule.
DNA and ribosomes.
I reset two terminals.
Consumer reports.
Your GED books haven't arrived yet, ma'am.
Keep it down, girls.
A four year-old takes a book from the reference shelves because it's pink ......
While her sister dances into the stacks.
You may know how a certain patron (or pack of them) can make you dread coming to work, but while I was on vacation they were banned from the library for fighting. This has made my return bearable.
CEP tax help info.
Don't run, girls.
Missing JFK book.
State tax forms.
The thumping behind me is a 2 year-old boy pushing a footstool, sneaking behind the counter.
Computer workshop info.CEP tax help info.

I've changed my mind about that "challenges of a new year" rubbish.