Friday, July 22, 2005

In the Morning:
A musician asks for the spelling of "maiden" and "voyage."

In the Afternoon:
Printer advice.
We lose a hold on a Nora Roberts book, and the patron can't remember the title.
Undead and unemployed, by MaryJanice Davidson.
They'll stamp your parking ticket over there, ma'am.
Videos about Mount Rushmore.
Where's our ILL lady?
Someone shut that baby up, please.
"I was just listening to my cellphone. I wasn't talking to it."
Three young women at two computers keep hugging.
You can buy a printing card over there, sir.
"Which of the DVDs are free?"
They're still hugging.
No cell phones, ma'am (actually, all I had to do was look at her and she got all contrite).
Back issues of newspapers are over there, ma'am.
No cell phones, sir.
Phone book.
She's two cents short of a photocopy.
She sneaks into the stacks to use her cell phone.
Puerto Rico travel.
Book sale is downstairs, ma'am.
Library card photos over there, ma'am.
"Instruction manuals on how to throw a football."
Natural cures, by Kevin Trudeau.
By his loud voice we can all tell he thinks we're a ripoff.
A lot of printer advice.
National treasure.
Someone wants a movie called "Lake Palisades"
"You got a movie called Willie the fish?"
Printer advice.
You pay for a print card over ... oh, never mind. It printed for free.
More printer advice.
I can't find a DVD to save my life today.
Skins and Lakota woman.
Both our microfilm readers are broken.
It's 5:30. We close at six. No way the book she wants will come down from processing before she leaves on vacation tomorrow morning.
It's too late, sir. The internet terminals won't let you log on.
A whole lot of books, the only one we owned being The giver, by Lois Lowry.
Have a happy and not-too-hot weekend.