Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In the Afternoon:

A technical writer who doesn't know how to save files or attach them to email.
From pieces to weight, by 50 Cent.
I kick two kids off the computers.
Someone in the back office is playing a DVD loud.
Just type your barcode there, ma'am.
Guns and ammo magazine.
Sure, you can take a pencil, sir.
You don't scan your barcode, ma'am. You type the numbers in.
Richard Wright, by Hazel Rowley.
That's an "a," not an "s." That's why the URL won't work, sir.
No cellphones. (Whoops. She's talking to herself.)
It takes three tries, but we get the barcode typed correctly.
Printing a frame.
The Da Vinci code sound recording.
Sheet music for the Korean National Anthem.
More barcode typing blues.
For whom the bell tolls, by Ernest Hemingway.