Thursday, December 16, 2004

(To show I'm not dead)

In the Afternoon:

No more than two to a machine, kids, and sitting at an empty machine next to it but not using it doesn't count.
Fax attempt #1.
Fax attempt #2.
Fax attempt #3.
Computer crash.
No cell phones, sir.
"There must be more than three volumes of The Elenium, right? After all, it's David Eddings."
Fax attempt #4.
Fax attempt #5.
Fax attempt #6.
Fax attempt #7.
Another fax attempt #1.
Another fax attempt #2.
The first fax goes through!
The second fax goes through!
Learning Spanish.
Housekeeping, by Marilynn Robinson.
We're suddenly overstaffed at the desk. I volunteer to leave.

Later in the Afternoon:

A newspaper is returned.
Any Merck Manuals to check out?
I reset a computer session.
Quickbooks Pro.
It's been nine months since we switched to automatic signup for our internet terminals, and they still stop at our desk.
No cell phones, sir.
Copier advice.
Printer advice (If you put the card in the wrong way, it'll spit it out, so don't worry).
"Is Circ Clerk D here today?"
I give my "WPs are over there" speech, which now includes "Avoid the last row of computers like the plague."
... But he still can't log in himself.
It's ten till five, sir.
Ten minutes with a particularly dense regular where I throw her son off the machines, get kicked by her 4 year-old girl, and endure endless questions about saving to the A: drive.