Thursday, January 03, 2008

In the Afternoon:

Er, Happy New Year.
Terry McMillan books.
The best Christmas pageant ever, by Barbara Robinson.
How to put money on her print card.
"I've been to four libraries and your's is the only one that doesn't allow ..."
Computer class signup.
Maus 2, by Art Spiegelman.
Computer class signup.
Where can she get her birth certificate?
Don't run!
Computer class signup, and you get a library card over there, sir.
I confuse a patron when describing the difference between our library cards and print cards.
How to put money on your library card, or print card ... whatever.
Sorry, we don't have headphones.
Chibi vampire 7 and 8.
Renewing a late ILL? I can't, sorry.
Lorenzo's oil.
Computer class signup.
"Urban authors."
Damn, it's busy.
How to upload a resume.
More urban authors.
"All the computers are reserved, but no one's at 'em."
Another urban author.
Printer advice.
I can't register you to vote until I get a current address, sir.
A recording of Taps.
They'll make change over there, ma'am.
Well, I didn't call you, lady (Librarian V did).
It's the slowest machine in the library, ma'am. Nothing I can do.
Back issues of the paper are over there, ma'am.
Wiccan books.
That class is booked up, ma'am.
"I can't log in ... Sorry, I did after all."
They'll renew your card over there, ma'am.
We had our run of Huckleberry Finn audio tapes and movies last year. Every student who wants it now is going to get the book whether they want it or not.
Herbal healing. They're so buzy jabbering at each other that they lose me when we reaach the stacks.
Sheet music with some harmonies, maybe doo-wop.
Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson.
No, Librarian M isn't on desk today.
Another patron amazed that we can't set up our computer classes for their convenience.
How would he buy a book online?
The man just stares at the copier until I help him out. Twice.
The age of turbulence, by Alan Greenspan.
MORE copier advice for that man.
You need a library card to use the Internet, sir.
How to put money on a library debit card.
Parkinson's disease.
The computer reservation station is over there, ma'am.
"what county is Matteson Illinois in?"
"You show me how to print?"
The computer reservation station is over there, kids.