Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yesterday, in the Snow

Every other library and every school in the district is closed today, but us? We're open.
"I am too allowed to use the computers! My library said they would tell you about the change! I walked all the way in this weather to use the computers here! I have a consitutional right to swear! I'm going back and I'm going to sue you!"
The next patron is equally loud. He's from a rich suburb and in a friendly chatty way refers to our town as the "Armpit of Illinois" and adds "I'm sure there's a few good things about this town," in a very loud voice.
Sorry, ma'am. We still don't have the IL-1363 forms. I know the state's hotline told you otherwise.
Computer signup advice.
Do we have a certain flyer?
I am described as a "computer maven."
His Blackjack needs tethering to a Mac.
We're closing at 11:00!
Everyone is so impatient today. Circ is understaffed, and people are whining and complaining about what a hurry they're in.
Today's paper.
One True Friend, by Joyce Hansen.
Breaking Point, by Martha Beck.
He's desperate for wireless, so much so that he's willing to sit outside in the winter storm to use it.
Time to go, folks! We're closing! ... Uh, folks? Ahem! Folks?