Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In the Afternoon:

Today's paper.
Four copies of the state 1040 form, and confusion with the copy machine.
Computer class signup.
Yeah, we'll print in color. A buck a page.
They're too young. That's why they can't log on, sir.
Books by Michael Ledwidge
He hands me a filled-out scholarship form, and I wonder why.
More color printing, with two docs and messed-up page numbers he insists are okay.
Today's the 14th, ma'am. "Oh, yes! (chuckles)"
Yeah, our blue pens don't work too well, ma'am.
They'll look up your card number over there, sir.
Exercise books. "Sit-ups and stuff."
More printing advice. The patron is making the job far more difficult than it needs to be.
That newspaper should be in a rack over there, sir.
He calls up twice a week and asks for the exact three videos. He doesn't want us to place holds. He just asks if we have them and then hangs up.
She wants to reformat and edit her document in order to print fewer pages, and she expects me to hang around while she does so.
Credit repair.
Tax forms are over there, sir.
Alan Greenspan.
Historical fiction. Can you narrow it down? "Um, western civilization?" She narrows it down to Elizabeth I.
A small girl at circ: "All these books are gonna cover my head!"
The Sears Tower.
Computer reservation advice. And then some more.
A history of a local movie theater.
Where's my replacement?
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.
Your computer's on, ma'am. It's on a screen saver.
Computer signup advice.
I'm getting a little tired of high school kids muttering either "I need a computer," or "My computer don't work."
Here comes another one ... And another ...
No replacement yet.
"My bloody life," by Reymundo Sanchez.
And another ...
"Gang books."
Ah, my replacement.