Monday, September 25, 2006

In the Afternoon:

"One's a paperback, the other's about the Holocaust."
You get a library card over there, sir.
They'll look up your card number over there, sir.
Whether we should mail or fax a test we proctored.
Internet signup with a guest pass.
They'll tell you what's wrong with your account over there, ma'am.
Where can she buy Microsoft Word?
Internet guest pass.
You can get a card over there, sir.
You use your library card to sign up for the Internet, sir.
Just type your last name, ma'am.
King James bible tapes.
His keyboard won't work.
His webpage won't load.
Know thyself, by Na'im Akbar.
The copier is twenty cents, ma'am.
From his terminal he shouts at me to come over.
All the good user IDs are taken, ma'am.
We try to figure out how to display an online bill.
A 2005 volume of Scott's.
He wants to request fifteen ILLs over the phone.
The bathroom's over there, sir.
Music and lyrics to This land is your land.
A request for recorded Christmas music becomes a request for Thank you very much.
Printer advice.