Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In the Morning:

"Prayers that avail much," but not by Germaine Copeland. And today's paper.
Type your barcode there to use our Internet terminals, sir.
VHS tapes are downstairs, ma'am.
Books and advice on hanging pictures. Our custodian takes an interest.
Newspapers going back a week.
Copier advice.
Their ILL lady wants to talk to our ILL lady, so of course it's transferred to me.
Waving his library card in the air, mutters: "You can use this to scare goolies."
IE hates a website.
Has an examination for her arrived, which leads to countless questions about our location and hours.
Schedules D-1 and E.
Ancient Rome, by Christopher S. Mackay. He proudly tells us we've never owned a single books he's asked for.
"Take me out to the ballgame" on a cellphone.
I give three homeless guys my "You're too loud" evil stare, which they are familiar with.
Printer advice.
"I need someone who speaks Spanish; my English is very bad," he says perfectly.
Time for the evil stare again.
Nursing exam books.
Printer hassles.
Can our cd-roms play itty bitty cds?
Loud babies babbling and shouting in stereo. Is it lunchtime yet?
Type your barcode ...
Abortion books.
Printer advice.