Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In the Evening:

10 bad choices that ruin Black women's lives, by Grace Cornish.
The scarlet and the black.
The printer ate his internet reservation slip.
Yes, we ILL VHS tapes, sir.
Tons of Young Lords Party books. "You got nothin' here." That's because they're mostly dissertations with only one copy in the US.
Medical technology books.
A couple of newspapers returned.
How to print in color.
Meeting? What meeting?
Mary Shelley.
Missing library card--Found!
Our free papers are over there, ma'am.
How many books can you check out? How many can you carry?
Bathroom's over there, sir.
Yes, I think The bellboy is a comedy.
How to make a computer reservation.
Click the "Printer Friendly" button, sir.
Five minutes to diagnose the printer before I realize it's out of paper.
Pinter advice.
Don't run!
Dream interpretation.
Bathroom's over there, kid.
Don't run!
Keep it down!
And don't run!
You can't log in because that's a kid's card, kid.
Printing in color instructions.
Books on healthy eating.
Ralph Ellison.
Scissors and stapler.
I pick a pencil up off the floor, place it on the circ counter, and announce that I have done my good deed for the day. The pencil promptly rolls off the counter back to the floor.
African music.
My super ex-girlfriend and Accepted.