Thursday, June 08, 2006

Late in the Afternoon:

I am now mysteriously subscribed to PC Magazine. Librarian Y and I try to figure out how.
He locked himself off of his computer.
"Excuse me?" Can I help you? "... No, forget it." (wanders vaguely off)
My jump drive saves a patron's document. I always feel smug when that happens.
The green pharmacy and The green pharmacy herbal handbook, by James A. Duke.
The river king, by Alice Hoffman.

In the Evening:
Shut up, kids.
I am told that two volumes of Ray have been stolen.
A zip code lookup.
Do we have the 3-D glasses for Spy kids?
Tamata and the alliance, by Bernard Moitessier.
Into the cold fire, by Lynne Ewing.
Lust, by Robin Wasserman.
I reset a printer.
I reset a computer reservation.
Librarian Y expounds on the quirks of our online catalog's editing module.
Printer advice.
"I'm doing a paper on drugs and stuff."
Charmed thirds, by Megan McCafferty.
Scary movie 4, or When a stranger calls.
"English skills. And math."
Printer advice.
Scratch paper.
Learning the guitar.
The lost boy, by David Pelzer.
Liar's game, by Eric Jerome Dickey.
He left a disc in a public computer.
DVDs for kids.