Friday, March 23, 2007

In the Morning:

Strong women stay young, by Miriam E. Nelson.
"Any Paula Abdul CDs?" Um, no. I'm kinda surprised by-- (click)
How to get on our computers.
Where did his ILL request go?
How to get on our computers.
That card's expired, ma'am.
State tax form.
DVDs on pregnancy.
GED books.
Another computer login.
I can't help you play your songs on the computers, sir.
Don't run!
Please turn you headset down, sir (different patron).
A discussion about the city's flag, or lack of one.
"They said I was in the paper."
Keep it down, guys.
She wants to make sure her print job is completely gone.
No cell phones!
Stop running!
I print out a tax form.
Looks like the security guy's about to kick some kids out.
I reserve a computer for a lady.
I proctor a test.

In the Afternoon for an Hour

They sent the wrong test!
How to print. Twice.
Loud talk at circ about the poisonous cat food.
How come the page he copied came out blank?
Some more proctoring fun.
Isaac Asimov books. He doesn't believe I'm familiar with the author.
You can get your library card registered at our library, sir. Then it will work here.
He defaulted on his student loan. Who should he call?
Don't run! (She stops dead in her tracks and gives me a worried look)
My brain tunes out and I forget what I did for a number of patrons. Sorry. It's Friday.
Trans fats, by Judith Shaw.
Genshiken v.8, and some Bittorrent advice. Tsk.