Saturday, May 26, 2007

Halfway Through the Afternoon on Memorial Day Weekend Saturday:

I think I remember finding a book for a patron a half hour ago.
I remember I handed out a pencil.
Oh, I had to refill the toilet paper in the men's room because I was the only man around.
The phone just rang! He wants Rocky Balboa.
Librarian M has vanished.
Don't run (I whisper)!
Pen and Printer advice, within one minute. It's a rush!
He calls about three movies, but as usual doesn't want us to put holds on them.
Two people to a machine, kids.
Suddenly everyone wants printer advice at once.
Eldest, by Christopher Paolini.
How to search the net for a Greek food item when she can't spell it.
"Dream ___" (she can't remember) by somebody. She comes back repeatedly to ask about fantasy authors she can't remember the names of, e.g. "A Black Canadian Christian author with dreadlocks."
No food, kid. (He gives me a look of death)
We close at five, ma'am.
How to put holds on books.
Bad luck and Trouble, by Lee Child and Simple genius, by David Baldacci.
The tipping point, by Malcolm Gladwell and Who moved my cheese, by Spencer Johnson.
A last minute rush. Just what I wanted ...
"You have books from ancient Rome? How about ancient Greece? Spain?"