Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the Afternoon

Part of the city blew up! We watch streaming helicopter footage.
The importance of being earnest on DVD.
She left a USB cable here last week. I remember someone turning it in, but it's gone now.
Clashes of cavalry, by Thom Hatch, and Robert Fulghum books.
More streaming footage. Several stores trashed. I'm glad I took a different route to work today.
"Why this computer keep going off?"
Midwives, by Chris Bohjalian. "Don't take grand avenue. They blocked it off for some reason." We know.
A patron says the explosion occurred in the beauty shop.
Microfilm advice.
Printer advice.
Notarization. Sign where my finger is, ma'am. My FINGER.
A patron waves to me as he leaves. I do not remember who he is.
We rescue the contents of her floppy.
Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, and Papillon.
Two faxes.
I replace the computer reservation printer roll.
The perfect storm.
Public computer reboot.
Sorry, sir, the only newspaper on microfilm here is the local one.
Yes, sir, that class begins Tuesday.
Another reboot.
Phone books.
Two-sided copying.
That's not the patron password screen, ma'am, it's the Windows boot screen.
Shut up! (School is out)
"I need a county clerk's office number. My wife's in prison, it's a long story."

(Later) Happily, no fatalities. A few injured. That's kind of a miracle. It's a busy street.