Friday, October 31, 2003

In the Morning:

Macbeth, "the one with the best actors, and the play as well."
Brief HTML design advice. "You mean you can pull in pictures from other places?"
"Who wrote How to tie ties?"
I'm sure, ma'am, that the books on vitamins will list foods high in vitamin D.
Printer advice, before he tells me he has no money to print.
Printer advice. She was charged for a blank page.
Drowning Ruth, by Christina Schwarz.
Speak, by Laura Halse Anderson.
Some child abuse statutes, but the patron grows bored and wanders off.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
I lose a patron over the phone.
Printer advice.
Computer crash.
The four agreements, by Miguel Ruiz.
"I need to know who wrote the classical song 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'"
She wants to download a 49MB device driver onto her floppy.
Copier advice. (The paper comes out here ... not on the side ... no, look down, ma'am ... down ...)
Nearby Masonic temple

In the Afternoon:

Where can he get something laminated?
Newspapers for the last three days.
Go tell it on the mountain, by James Baldwin.
Chess books.
Valueline, and how late we're open today.
Can I help you find something? "Health." Can you narrow it down? "Diet." Any type of diet? "Atkins." Perfect.
E.A.R.L., by DMX and Smokey D. Fontaine.; and books by Zane.
Sunday's paper.
Any book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Copier advice.
Holds at the front desk, sir. And don't run. I don't care if you are 72 years old and full of zest.
A child at the new books makes an evil noise.
Copier advice.
Printer advice.
CABCO building codes, which no one around here uses.
"I need information on this person." She points to "Jacobean Age" on her syllabus.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
Printer advice. He finally triumphs with the color copy option!
Phone number for a local department store.
Caravans, by James Michener.
Holds at the front desk sir. Yes, sir, that desk there, the one I'm pointing at.
Computer workshop schedule.
I hate last-minute rushes on Fridays.

Internet Signups: 59

Thursday, October 30, 2003

In the Morning:

The Mary Kay Cosmetics site baffles a would-be customer.
"We need you to fix the copier. There's people waiting."
Don't put spaces in the web address, sir.
Sorry, sir I can't seem to find any books by Sullivan Hart.
Subscription info for the Dallas Morning News.
Computer crash.
Black like me, by Howard Griffin.
Copier advice.
Phone to TII Network Industries.
Careers in massage.
You need to set up an account first, ma'am.
Copier advice (It's a new copier, and confusing).
Classifieds and pen.
He can't understand why he can't watch online videos with the sound up in a library. "I want to show my friends."
"Do you still sell discs?"
Computer crash.
Which is the more annoying phone ringer tune: Joplin's "The entertainer," or Grieg's "Hall of the mountain king?"
A book called "Mommy's rules," which I can't locate.
Computer crash.
When is the next meeting for his group here?
We have Microsoft Office in those computers over there, ma'am.
Copier advice.
Chinese instruction on CD-ROM.
Copier advice.
Word processors over there, ma'am.
Examples of seals (numismatics). "Official-like."
Copier advice.

In the Afternoon:

W-7 forms.
Math books.
Printer advice.
Fifteen minutes tracking down a magazine he calls "Handyman." The closest I get is Family handiman. "That's the one." Grr.
Not that printer, ma'am. The other one.
A short story from a 1985 Ellery Queen's mystery magazine.
A patron is overwhelmed by the number of souls in the Chicken soup series and can't decide.
Blow fly, by Patricia Cornwell.
The partner, by John Grisham.
Black Caesar, pirate, by Cliff Gardner.
Printer advice.

Internet Signups: 39

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

In the Morning:

My computer crashes to start my shift.
And the network seems to be down. Oh, boy.
"My computer's froze." No, it hasn't. The network's froze.
Hello darkness, by Sandra Brown.
(The online catalog) "is worse than the doctor's office."
Printer advice (In an odd twist, the network is still down, but the print server is working fine).
Circ will break a twenty, sir.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
Did he just call me "Great sir?"
Can I help you? "I'm waiting on him."
A genealogy request goes horribly and tragically wrong.
"Inner peace, by Dryer," but he'd settle for anything on inner peace.
Police exams.
How to send an attachment with email.

Internet Signups: 34

Monday, October 27, 2003

In the Afternoon:

Copier advice.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
The debit card machine makes a scary noise.
How to save to the A: drive.
The print server eats her document three times.
Holds are at the front desk, ma'am.
GED social studies books.
Today's paper.
Printer advice.
Yesterday's paper.
Printer advice x2.
How to set up an email account.
I lend out my lighter.

In the Evening:

A list of cars with "Valve interference engines"
Today's paper.
College guides.
The coldest winter ever, by Sister Souljah.
Another volunteer is indexing our newspaper obits. Cool.
Always running, by Luis J. Rodriguez.
Don't run!
I try to help him remove an evil square thing from his online photo, but I fail.
Don't run! At least she had the decency to look sorry.
A pencil sharpener's right over there, sir.
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. He looks a bit young for it, but that's what he wants.
Copier advice.
Printer advice.
"Hi, can I disturb you?" She wants online GED guides, and is not disturbing in the least.
Local history books, and "books about people who have gone through experiences."
Nickel and dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich.
A quick how-to-log-in demo.

Internet Signups: 7 (We had help today)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

In the Afternoon:

Scarlet Empress, starring Marlene Dietrich.
True crime books.
"Books about Jah-Wars." Come again? "The cat: Jah-War."
There are more online catalogs over there, ma'am.
There's scrap paper in that box, sir.
Marketing books.
Local plasma center phone.
Flamenco dancing.
No photo ID? Sorry, no Internet.
No photo ID? Sorry, no Internet. "That ... sucks! This library is mutter mutter," as he walks away.
Rodney king.
The copier is right over there, sir.
A Barrons from September.
Our elderly patrons are often the loudest.
Librarian W gets a patron doing a report on behavioral psychology, for his world history class ... That's what he says. Whenever Librarian W asks him a question it takes him about five seconds to answer.
The brain-dead patron comes back. "I found the website for it." We give him our blessings.
Shut up already!
Local map.
Print server reboot.
1986 BMW 325 repair manual.
She needs a historical novel. Any one.
Sorry we don't have an index to the local paper.
Anti-abortion videos.
Press "Legal" before pressing "Print," ma'am.
Today's paper.
The great unravelling, by Paul Krugman, and Master of the Senate, by Robert Cato.
He lost his insulated coffee cup.
Don't run!
English-spanish dictionaries.
Can I help you? "No."
Computer workshop schedule.
Nintendo 64 survival guide 2, by J. Douglas Arnold.
Printer advice.
Copier advice.
"You got the criminal acts book?"

Internet Signups: 45