Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the Evening:

The margins on his Word document are screwed up. "I'm computer illiterate."
New library card signup over there, sir.
"You know how to download MP3s off these computers? You don't have a son, do you?"
I sign a guest into the Internet network.
"Are you allowed to download music on the computer?" (Different patron)
Now she's confused about the music retrieval software she's trying to install (First patron).
We try to charge a girl thirty bucks to use the computers, but she doesn't bite.
Don't run!
Horror novels.
Don't run!
Good will hunting. Oddly, the cover photo on our catalog is for a Twilight Zone anthology.
We cannot locate her ILL request.
You return DVDs over there, sir.
It's a little disconcerting when surfing anime/manga sites (Hey, I order the stuff, so it's work!) to follow a link and wind up on my own blog. Thanks, Tango.
Don't run!
Guitar instruction on DVD.
Something about the end times on DVD. I don't think he knows, either.