Thursday, February 02, 2006

In the Evening:

I give a patron extra time on a computer.
You have to feed the meters until nine, sir.
They'll look up your card number over there, sir.
Sorry sir, we don't sell GED books.
No cell phones, please.
They'll stamp your parking ticket over there, sir.
Library R is so bored she's begun to sing.
You don't need a key to the bathroom, ma'am.
Can I help you? (click)
How to put money on her card.
No key for the bathroom anymore, kid.
Garrett Morgan.
Don't run!
She wants to use a computer but doesn't have her card, and doesn't want to take 3-4 minutes to get one.
Jackie Robinson.
She gets her card (sighing heavily the whole time) to discover her disk is the wrong format.
A slow night. Not that I'm complaining.