Monday, April 23, 2007

In the Afternoon:

Sigh, a few days off isn't enough.
Saturday's paper.
No cell phones, sir.
Printer advice.
No cell phones, sir.
The copiers right over there, kid.
The paper is returned completely messed up.
If I'm going to notarize this I need your husband to come in so I can see him do it, ma'am.
Catalog computers are over there, sir, where they've always been.
The Godfather returns, by Mike Winegardner.
How to attach a file to an email.
A patron and I discuss Genshiken, Mercedes Lackey and other things.
The notary needers are back, with the right people and forms.
No cell phones, ma'am.
Bathroom's over there, sir.
There are pencils over there, sir.
Printer advice.
Teacher certification exams.
Computer class signup.
Someone keeps calling for Librarian M, but she's not around today.
Where the hell are all the ACT exam guides?
Night, by Elie Wiesel.
Two people to a terminal, kids.
The third time she's called asking for Librarian M.
Scrap paper's up there, sir.
It's a wonderful life and Strangers on a train.
She has a list of two dozen different composers. The teacher wants her to choose one, choose a piece, and write about it. She has no clue whatsoever. And however I help her I'm afraid I'll have helped her hate classical music for the rest of her life. ... In the end I find her a Debussy greatest hits collection and one for Copland. Hopefully she'll at least recogize some of the melodies.
Where's my replacement?
Books on murals and graffiti.
A child called it, by David Pelzer.
She calls AGAIN for Librarian M. Happily, she's right here now.
A policeman comes by looking for a kid.
Georges Seurat.
Restrooms are over there, kid.
Guitar instruction.
Two kids to a machine!
Copier advice.
No running in the stacks!
Reading comprehension.
Where's my damn replacement?
Shut up, kids!
Printer advice.
Finally, my replacement.