Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In the Afternoon:,

Child of darkness, by V. C. Andrews, and Blaze, by Richard Bachman.
Bathroom's over there.
He wastes four dollars at the printer and insists on a refund.
A nine-page fax.
Bathroom's over there.
We don't have marriage records, kid.
Bathroom's over there.
The card reader won't read his card, but I know the magic trick to fix it.
No, sorry, I don't speak Spanish.

In the Evening:

I extend a patrons internet session.
We kick a kid off the computers.
Bathroom's over there.
You can get a new card over there, ma'am.
A computer taking FOREVER to load.
Bookstores around here? You're joking, right?
No cell phones, sir.
Copier advice.
Spanish instruction books.
Computer reservation advice.
The messengers.
A lesson before dying, by Ernest J. Gaines.
GED books in Spanish.
"Everyone should read this book! It'll open your eyes!" Fortunately, Librarian C is helping this patron and I don't even see the title.
Lost cellphone ... Found.
Suite Francaise, by Irene Nemirovsky