Thursday, November 06, 2003

In the Morning:

Phone to city hall.
History of baseball, and local indian tribes.
Whoops, I'm not the A-V room. I'll transfer you over.
"Anything by David Baldacci." How about Last man standing? "He's read that one."
Computer crash.
Computer crash.
Computer crash.
Type in the URL exactly, ma'am.
Local AARP phone.
She wants a stand to hold up her notes while she types.
Internet password issues.
Yes, lady, you can look at more than one reference book at a time.
The Da Vinci code, by Dan Brown, on tape.
Oprah's phone number.
That's okay, ma'am, I'll put the paper back on the pole.
Computer workshop question.
"Is 'upbeat' one word or two?"
Phlebotomy certification practice books.
Internet login issues.
Math books.
Fallen: Leviathan, by Thomas E. Sniegoski.
A reverend asks me to page a patron.
Computer crash.
Bad website address.

In the Afternoon:

Local history. She doesn't think she can find the books herself, but she does.
"A-B-C's in different languages."
Books on the goddess Hera.
Can he open a .pdf file here?
An ILL hasn't arrived yet, and I take the blame.
"A bibliography of Eric Knight. Biography, whatever." And he wants Lassie.
Books on gladiators.
The Da Vinci code, by Dan Brown.
Books on Martin Luther.
I lose a patron's library card.
Eiffel Tower diagrams.
American book prices current.
Library cards at the front desk.
Printer advice.
CDs are downstairs.
Our patrons seem to be losing their ability to talk.
Vlad the Impaler.
Ford Motor company.
Under the banner of Heaven, by Jon Krakauer, and The Da Vinci code, by Dan Brown.
Today's paper.
"Do you have WordPerfect on your internet system?"
Can I help you? "Nope."
Local county ordinances for nuisance vehicles.
Don't run!
Kid's section is downstairs, kid.
Today's paper.
They'll make change at the front desk, sir.

Internet Signups: 51

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Today I am sick. Hope you are well.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

In the Morning:

Computer workshop schedule and endless questions.
Celebrity pallbearers.
Microfilm machine help.
Today's paper.
Printer advice.
Mystic River, by Dennis Lehane.
The last command, by Timothy Zahn.
A book of similes.
Copier advice.
Computer crash.
"I need books to help me in school."

Internet Signups: 31

Monday, November 03, 2003

In the Afternoon:

I butt into Librarian Q's ref interview, a bad habit of mine.
Can I help you? "No."
I am overly nice to an attractive patron.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
Computer workshop info.
State tax form online link doesn't work, she says. She is wrong.
Suzanne's diary for Nicholas, by James Patterson.
Oh god, a "Twilight zone" cell phone ringer.
Diary of a groupie, by Omar Tyree.
They'll make change at the front desk, sir.
1999 Ford Expedition repair manual.
What are our local papers?

In the Evening:

Chrysler's business strategies.
"Mi Vida Loca," by "El Loco." "It's about gangsters." When I show him the Rodriguez book he rejects it.
Printer advice.
Local black history info.
Citizenship forms.
Dating games, by R. M. Johnson, Trouble man, by Travis Hunter, and Diary of a groupie, by Omar Tyree.
"Books by Carol Joyce Oates."
Librarian W reports that a patron claims that fairies stole his hat.
Today's paper.
1 John 3:17.
Local driving ordinances.
Lesko books. Happily she wanted it for school money, so I showed her other sources.
Let me show you how to place holds, sir.
A patron left a blue folder here two weeks ago.
Meanwhile, someone forgot their scarf.
Copier advice.

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