Monday, July 24, 2006

In the Afternoon:

You parked in the wrong parking garage, ma'am. We can't validate your ticket.
Restrooms are over there, ma'am.
Intense demographic information for a small town not near here. "It's in the 'Fact Book.'"
How to get here. The voice over the phone is so loud you can hear it half a room away.
Local immigration office.
Why can't he get longer than a one-day loan period for this item? We're confused, too.
You get library cards over there, ma'am.
If a lady answers the phone and says "Good afternoon, So-and-So Law Firm," I don't think we dialed their fax number.
"I want books about mystery, love and death." Don't we all?
1984 Chevrolet Camaro repair manual.
You get library cards over there, ma'am.
You can just take the microfilm you want from the drawers yourself, sir.
"How many books can I check out at once?"
Scratch paper's over there, ma'am.
Another library calls about an ILL problem.
ASVAB books.
Behold a pale horse, by Milton William Cooper.
Citizenship classes.
He printed someone else's document. I think he expects a refund.
More printer advice.
I sign in a visitor to an internet terminal.
They'll break a dollar over there.
The patron donates a mistakenly-printed coupon for Aquafina Sparkling and donates it to us.
The color purple, on DVD.
I sign in a visitor to an internet terminal.
Adobe Acrobat's upgrade bot nearly crashes another computer.
Computer reservation problem.
Computer reset.
Yes, sir, we have magazine article databases.
He wants to identify his pet spider.
Shut up, kids.
"Books on calories and carbohydrates."
Librarian Y gets endless questions about the availability of Dragonball Z, volume by volume.