Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In the Evening:

Once again he calls asking for a handful of movies, but doesn't want us to place holds on them.
It's six o'clock, sir.
The "How to reserve a computer" lecture.
DVDs are a dollar for three days, kid.
Nursing exam guides.
I proctor an exam.
Computer controls for heating and cooling systems.
Something's wrong with her Yahoo login, and it's apparently our fault.
Tonight's computer class is in the different location, and it's apparently my fault.
Publication 575.
She gets a debug? window on her web page.
"Do you have dis?" Huh? "Dis." Sorry? Oh, disks!
A movie about Queen Elizabeth, but which one? "They wearing heavy clothes!"
Programmable logic device controls.
You pay for faxes over there, sir.
I do half a dozen old movie ILLs.
Old stock prices, and a long story.
You could ask the receptionist if you could use her phone, kid.
Weight and measure conversions.
101 great answers to the toughest interview questions, by Ron Fry.
There's your problem, ma'am. Your username has an underscore in it.
I take pity and let a woman with fines log in to the computer. Then I find out how much she owes ...
Antique jewelry.
You were unable to save info on your CD because our machines don't do that, sir.