Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In the Morning

That guy's shoes squeak worse than mine.
Can I help you? (Click)
HOBET guides.
A patron explains the difference between Charlie Mccarthy and Paul McCartney, also the difference between rich and poor.
Can I help you? "No."
Today's paper.
A straightedge ruler and a pen, a black one, please.
A patron picks up an ILL'd videotape.
Sorry, no tax forms yet.
Two faxes and a paper clip.
He wants to call Flint, Michigan's library for a CD.
A project chick, by Nikki Turner.
Today's paper.
They'll get you a new card over there, lady.
They'll check your book out over there, lady.
Local restaurant phone number.
Microfilm reader help.
The microfilm lady is back because I failed to explain something.
He wonders why he can't convert a vid file to an MP3 from the software on our public machines.
Police officer exam books.
Our replacements are late, I'm told, because they're having lunch with the director.