Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In the Evening:

He finds a collection of X-Men comics at a table. "An angel must have delivered it to me!"
"How to I print?" x3
Books by an author whose name I can't remember now.
I reset a computer and check the ID of a suspicious guy.
His debit card won't work. Neither will Librarian K's. I show them my sneaky trick to fix them.
Try that row of machines over there, sir.
Sorry, we don't give away back issues of the papers.
There's an empty internet terminal there, ma'am.
"I want books in the meat-eater series ... I mean Mediator series!" (She collapses in giggles)
Good-bye, my lady, by James H. Street.
Les Miserables and Breakdown.
Books on chicken pox.
Press this button for letter size, sir.
You need to see if there's an open computer yourself, ma'am.
Novels about cosmetology. I am thanked repeatedly for past services, which I can't remember.
Yesterday's paper.
I rescue a debit card from a machine.
Keep it down, kids.
Citizen girl, by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.
Quiet down, girls.
They'll look up your number at the front desk, ma'am.
Driving laws.
Elephants and rhinos.
Printer advice.
A dream dictionary.
Copier advice.
More copier advice (same guy).
Librarian K goes to help the guy a third time.
Sorry sir, today's paper never showed up.
Printer advice.
The kid tells us that the kids section has no books on the United States government.
I notarize an immigration form.