Friday, September 16, 2005

In the Afternoon:

Caballa de Troya books. "They were right in my face!"
I leave the desk.
I return.
Don't run!
His card doesn't work.
She doesn't even have a card.
ACT and SAT books are over here, ma'am.
Librarian K can't decide what to read next.
I reset a printer.
I suggest Librarian K read something by Banana Yoshimoto, because of the name.
"Do all your staff speak Spanish, or do any of them know English?" mutters the grumpy old lady.
I suggest Librarian K read Life of Pi. "I tried. Boring-snoring."
"Books on child development, teachers using art and child development, by Skinker. What do you got on Skinker?"
Librarian K decides on I know this much is true, by Wally Lamb, on 24 cassette tapes.
Collateral damage, and A perfect murder.
I reset another printer.
Our computer classes are all booked, ma'am.
She wants to switch computers to get away from some small children.
You're too young to use the computer, little girl. I don't care how cute you are.
Don't run! (Different kid)
Sorry, sir, we don't know which divorce forms you need.
A fax won't go through.