Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In the Evening:

The hug therapy book, by Kathleen Keating.
Confucius and Zoraster.
The kid is genuinely perplexed. Why can't he run?
The computer reservation printer jams.
Sorry, ma'am. June's computer class schedule isn't available yet. That girl has got to shut up ...
Francesca's kitchen, by Peter Pezzelli.
Can I help you? (click)
I tell the girl's mother to shut the kid up.
We're getting a whole bunch of requests by middle schoolers for information on WWII veterans. Not famous ones, just ones who once lived around here. They (or their teacher) seem to think we have deep archival information about every local person who ever served in the military.
Another shouting child.
Yes, ma'am, the computers are up (they were down over the weekend).
Hamlet lit crit.
A Taking sides book on crime.
Now the first loud child is back.
They'll renew your card over there, kid.
This side of paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
"A book with all the states in it."
Yes, ma'am, the computers have CD-ROM drives.
Genshiken 8, rapidly becoming my favorite series.
No cellphones, ma'am.
A couple in search of a library catalog.
Real estate.
The painted veil and The Queen.
Just sit down at an open terminal, ma'am.
Jack the Ripper. It's his senior thesis.
Never eat alone, by Keith Ferrazzi.and The secret, ed. Rhonda Byrne.
How to do a resume.
Jack the Ripper movies (same kid).
I show someone where the resume templates are.
The first Sunrise Home in Illinois.
Eldest, by Christopher Paolini.