Friday, December 07, 2007

In the Afternoon:

Ten minutes resetting all the public computers.
And now the phone’s screwed up.
Sorry, kid. No headphones.
Copier advice.
Card charger advice.
Quiet, please.
“Rainbow fish” books for his little sister.
T is for trespass, by Sue Grafton.
I check a computer reservation.
Lampwork glass beads.
A kid tells someone to shut up and is told to shut up.
The fish kids are back for more fish books, also DNA and drawing …
Stop hitting him, and shut up!
Shut up! (Different patron)
The bathroom’s open, sir.
The stairs are by the front door, kid.
Paper and pancil.
Computer signup advice.
A long patron story about pages missing in the newspaper.
I chase some kids out of the stacks, though they would deny they were chased out.
Spanish books.
There’s a clock behind you, kid.
Huckleberry Finn on CD.
A little girl returns the golf pencil she borrowed.
Seeing Emily, by Joyce Lee Wong.
Ten minutes to go. I call for pizza.
We're closing, sir. ... Don't get pissed.