Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In the Afternoon
The art of war, by Sun Tzu, The prince, by Machiavelli, and Behold a pale horse, by William Cooper.
The diary of Anne Frank (Oh, this is ridiculous. Do I really need to put links on books like this and "The prince?" I don't think so! Everyone is aware of those books!).
Landlord/tenant forms.
They'll renew your card over there, kid.
A newspaper is returned.
Don't run!
The Illinois circuit breaker form.
Event signup.
Today's paper.
How to reserve one of our computers.
They'll look up your number over there.
I instruct a number of patrons on making a computer reservation, printing, using a thumb drive, etc.
Another reservation screwup.
And more reservation instruction.
Did I mention today's the first day of school?
"She needs your help over there."
"We've been in two hundred libraries around the country, and this computer signup system is the most complicated I've ever seen!" I suspect he may be right.
Books on improving memory.
Someone will take your picture in a moment, ma'am.
It finally quiets down.
Librarian Y discuss the merits of outsourcing library administration.
An loud argument in circ over library fines ends up well.
Printer advice.
I hope the rest of the semester isn't like this ...