Saturday, November 29, 2003

In the Morning:

"Neck anatomy," and books by John McDougall.
Can I help you? "No."
Sorry sir, we dont' have an obit index for the seventies. Oh yes, we do for that year, but we don't have that issue of the paper available.
Microfilm machine lecture and demo.
Today's paper.
Library programs for Dec. and Jan.
Printer advice.
Copier advice.
Librarian W is on a break but should be back soon, ma'am.
Copier advice.
I lug out a bunch of yearbooks and city directories, knowing in my heart that they will not be the ones the patron needs.
Address, phone for state senators.
Another guy wants state senators.
Donald Goines books.
It sounds like you need a device driver, sir, but I don't know which one your laptop needs.
The catalog is right there, sir.
Today's paper.
Roman cathedrals.
A mysterious form needs to be downloaded.
Of mice and men, by John Steinbeck.
Betrothed, by Allesandro Manzoni.
"Did anyone nearby win the lottery on the 26th of this month?"
"I need two books on drugs and violence."
Copier advice.
Today's paper.
Don't run!

In the Afternoon:

Printer advice.
Copier advice (It needs money, sir).
Printer advice.
I draw a blank on three books . But I do find The wedding, by Nicholas Sparks.
Comcast customer service number.
"Do you got a book called Astrology?"
Old almanacs? Sorry.
The restroom is over there, sir. He decides to tell me the joke about renting coffee.
We close at five, sir.
Computer workshop info.
Spell books. "You got one to make a person nicer?"
Sorry, ma'am, you can't check out newspapers.
"This place is dank," he says, and exits.
She picks them off a list: "Books on AIDS, alcoholism, and cancer."
1989 Ford Taurus repair manual.
White Christmas, by Jody Rosen.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

In the Morning:

"Are you open tomorrow?" asks one of our homeless.
Baby name books in spanish.
Fathers' rights, by Jeffrey M. Leving.
Printer advice.
More printer advice for the same patron.
(Sigh) And still more. I learn that Chuck E. Cheese owes him money.
Printer advice for a different patron.
September newspapers.
English standard version bible.
A listing of people who have just moved here.
"Can I renew a book from another library here?"
He calls asking for a 2002 issue of Consumer reports issue for the second time.
In the lobby a baby is tortured, possibly in observance of Thanksgiving.

In the Afternoon:

I get threatened by three men when I tell them to keep it down. Happy Thanksgiving!
Newspapers from 2001.
Coin collecting.
Try the kid's section.
Printer advice.
Sorry, sir, all the internet machines are taken. Please stop whining.
Every second counts, by Lance Armstrong.
The kid is singing "Twinkle twinkle" loudly and incessantly. The mother is looking for tapes on anger management.
No sleeping in the library, sir.
I have your floppy right here, ma'am.
Kid's section is downstairs, sir.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

In the Morning:

How to decorate fruit.
Love, by Toni Morrison.
Books by Paul Krugman.
Computer crash.
Computer workshop schedule..
"I just submitted an online form. Did I do it right?"
Public lecture signup.
Computer crash.
WPs are over there, sir.
Where to get a flu shot?
Only two can play this game, by James Keys.
"I understand that Marshall's offers scholarships."
Back issue of Muscle and fitness hers.
Computer crash
Local GED classes.
Computer crash.
Back issue of Consumer reports.
Yes, ma'am we have resume books. Yes, we have computers. Yes, we do have resume books. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Stop talking, ma'am.
Printer advice.
Encyclopedia of foods, by David Murdock.
Creative resources for the anti-bias classroom, by Nadia Saderman Hall.
She has been waiting all day to be rude to someone, and I'm the lucky guy.

In the Afternoon:

Print server crash.
Starting your own business.
Sunday's paper.
Don't run!
HTML books. One of those clingy patrons.
Yes, ma'am we have that newspaper on microfilm. This led to a million other questions.
A lousy stinking salesman.
Printer advice.
Upcoming programs. I insist that they're all free. She insists that they cost $101.
Today's paper.
Has an ILL come in?
Optical illusions.
GED books and dictionaries.
Come in, kid, and we'll show you all sorts of stuff, but I can't do it over the phone.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

In the Afternoon:

The phone request listed a woman's name, last known address, and social security number. I think we're supposed to find her.
"Got anything by William Blake?"
The Da Vinci code, by Dan Brown.
Screenplay format.
Phone number for the local megacorporation.
Today's paper.
Car price guides.
Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles.
Local naval base.
Flipped, by Wandelin Van Draanen.
Insurance fraud.

In the Evening:

His browser won't accept cookies.
Printer advice.
Dylan Thomas.
"Books on diffusion."
Blue screen of death.
Today's paper.
Crum, by Lee Maynard.
Library cards at the front desk, sir.
Today's paper.
The raccoon next door, by Gary Bogue and Chuck Todd.
Behold a pale horse, by William Cooper, and books on egyptian mythology.
Who keeps taking the "Out of order" sign off the copier?

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