Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In the Afternoon
(After I decide to do an entry, that is ...)

Before the last teardrop falls, by Freddy Fender.
Librarian K is mesmerized by a toddler. For the next fifteen minutes I do all of the work.
Your computer isn't frozen, sir; their server is.
Local paper.
I think she's asking how to post a picture into a Word document.
DVDs up here. VHS's downstairs, sir. I don't understand it either.
Sorry, ma'am, I don't speak Spanish.
February 28 newspapers.
CEP tax service question.
Information on power plants.
1978 newspaper article.
Computer login help, i.e., it helps if they type their name correctly.
The millionth request for The fire next time, by James Baldwin, and Born on the 4th of July, by Ron Kovic. School assignment.
Our new Haines directory is delivered.
Patterson's American education. The patron hums out of tune a lot.
"I need a good book on psychology." He narrowed it down to "conversations."
"All my icons are missing. All that's there is a picture of a black man."
Yes, we have that newspaper. No, we don't offer Spanish classes.
A Strong's concordance.
Computer reset.
Another computer reset (same computer).
I log in an out-of-state patron.
Van Helsing.
"How to buy a home, made easy."
GED books.
Car repair manuals.
To use the computer type your barcode in, sir.
Kelley blue book.
Type your barcode there, sir, right where it says "Your Barcode."
Computer reset.
Change at the front desk, sir.
A patron sneaks up on me while I'm skimming an online article about Annabel Chong. Happily, it's work-safe.
George Eliot.
Printer advice.
Computer reset.