Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the Evening:

The margins on his Word document are screwed up. "I'm computer illiterate."
New library card signup over there, sir.
"You know how to download MP3s off these computers? You don't have a son, do you?"
I sign a guest into the Internet network.
"Are you allowed to download music on the computer?" (Different patron)
Now she's confused about the music retrieval software she's trying to install (First patron).
We try to charge a girl thirty bucks to use the computers, but she doesn't bite.
Don't run!
Horror novels.
Don't run!
Good will hunting. Oddly, the cover photo on our catalog is for a Twilight Zone anthology.
We cannot locate her ILL request.
You return DVDs over there, sir.
It's a little disconcerting when surfing anime/manga sites (Hey, I order the stuff, so it's work!) to follow a link and wind up on my own blog. Thanks, Tango.
Don't run!
Guitar instruction on DVD.
Something about the end times on DVD. I don't think he knows, either.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

In the Late Afternoon

Someone returns the ruler.
Don't run!
The other side of midnight.
Forgot your card? Check with circ. Those guys over there. ...Over there.
Ranma 1/2 v.4.
We're wondering when we're getting the spring college catalogs, too.
Tax forms won't be out until January. Sorry.
Daycare and plumbing.
No toilet paper in the ladies room.
No limit to the number of books you can check out, sir.
Librarian Y releases me from captivity.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Teenage Girl: Anything new come in?
Me: Just a couple things. Do you read Invincible?
TG: What's that? Is that Tsu ... (gasps) Tsu ...
Me: Yes, it's the newest...
TG: (Big fangirly squeal) Thank you! Thank you! (Snatches latest volume of Tsubasa out of my hands and heads for the checkout desk.)

This exchange nearly made up for the rest of the shift.

Apologies to Robert Kirkman.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Interesting Patron Behavior

We now have a regular patron who goes to our scrap paper tray (where unwanted print jobs wind up) and rather than just grab a sheet or two, checks out what's printed on the other side. He selects some sheets but not others, and walks off ...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Librarian K goes out to jump-start a patron's car. When he comes back we're not sure how to mark it on the tally sheet. Is it a reference question, or an information question?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Father to young son:

"Put that back. That's not a video, that's a book."

Then he whipped out his cellphone.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In the Evening:

"Do I have to make a reservation for the computer?"
Adoption for dummies.
The reservation station is over there. No, over there ... No, there, where that other guy is.
All right, we'll let you on the computer, but next time bring your card.
I can't cancel your reservation. It timed out.
The printer card slot is right by the print server, ma'am.
We prepare to kick some kids off a machine. Whoops, they're just leaving.
Printer card advice.
They'll renew your card over there, sir.
They'll make change there, too.
I don't understand the next guy's problem. His computer is working fine.
A cell phone is chirping, but we can't spot it.
Our security guy reminds us that tomorow is payday.
Spanish-English dictionary.
All of a sudden we go 15 minutes between patrons. What's going on?
The reservation machine is over there, sir.
You can renew cards over there, sir.
Two more guys with the same question.
"Remember, next week is superhero practice," says a child. "We gotta sign up for the lasers."
There's scrap paper in that tray, kid.
Tarot reading.
Librarian K goes on break. It immediately gets busy.
A Scientific American article, and a source for grants for Chinese-American retired nurses.
Christmas decorating.
Settle down, kids.
As for the adults, they should know better.
Sorry, kid, you can't use our phone.
"You're closing tomorrow, right?" We'll be open, but there's no Internet access. "But you're closing Thursday, right?" Um, no ...
Our copier is down, sir, but there's one down in the kids section.
A lady has a wolf whistle as her ringtone.
Sorry, kid, you can't use our phone (same kid).
The man has come back to tell us about other weird grants being offered. Twice.
And he's returned one more time, to tell us there's a puddle under the urinals.
Sorry, ma'am, no computer classes right now. But we do have books on the subject.

Friday, October 27, 2006

In the Afternoon:

Copier advice she didn't need.
Sorry, ma'am. No scanner.
Almost all the machines have cd drives, ma'am.
Some city directories, then some more, which leads to my copier lecture.
There's money already in the copier, but a lady claims it before I can pocket it.
A Ray Bradbury horror VHS.
"My computer's trying to install something."
ILL pickup.
Another pen.
Project management books on cassette.
Good Will Hunting.
"I got no skills. You can't even work at a MacDonalds unless you speak Spanish."
Naruto v.8.
Computer login probems.
BOCA manual.
Sorry, ma'am. Wrong department.
Pocketful of miracles and Masters of menace.
A ten-page fax.
A one-page fax.
Copies are twenty cents, sir.
Now we're waiting for the Friday rush-hour dvd request flood.
The chronicles of Narnia, in a single box set.
A woman complains about how we let certain people in the library. When she leaves in a huff the library is much quieter.
Tom and Jerry cartoons.
Saving Private Ryan and The matrix on VHS.
(Twenty minutes later) Stapler.
You check out over there, sir.
Stick it.
We're about to close, ma'am. The internet terminals shut down at ten 'till.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sorry, I've been on vacation.

In the Afternoon for an Hour

Too many fines. No Internet for you!
But I override the next patron's login problem.
Is our literacy program only for local residents?
Another account that won't work.
Today's paper.
The fast and the furious: Tokyo drift.
A fax.
I mutter "shut up" under my breath at two people I hope are leaving soon.
Color copies are a dollar, sir.
He has a long list of people, but the addresses are all from 1998.
I like slow shifts.

Monday, September 25, 2006

In the Afternoon:

"One's a paperback, the other's about the Holocaust."
You get a library card over there, sir.
They'll look up your card number over there, sir.
Whether we should mail or fax a test we proctored.
Internet signup with a guest pass.
They'll tell you what's wrong with your account over there, ma'am.
Where can she buy Microsoft Word?
Internet guest pass.
You can get a card over there, sir.
You use your library card to sign up for the Internet, sir.
Just type your last name, ma'am.
King James bible tapes.
His keyboard won't work.
His webpage won't load.
Know thyself, by Na'im Akbar.
The copier is twenty cents, ma'am.
From his terminal he shouts at me to come over.
All the good user IDs are taken, ma'am.
We try to figure out how to display an online bill.
A 2005 volume of Scott's.
He wants to request fifteen ILLs over the phone.
The bathroom's over there, sir.
Music and lyrics to This land is your land.
A request for recorded Christmas music becomes a request for Thank you very much.
Printer advice.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the Evening:

I come to the desk and immediately two patrons start running.
Vols 2 and 3 of Gunslinger girl.
No charge for music any more, sir (The man pumps his fists and heads for the CDs).
Who played the Huey Long character in All the king's men?
A circ clerk wants to know where her Interlibrary Loan is.
Terrific thunder outside.
How to put money on your debit card.
The latest Guinness world records.
Her file won't open.
Pregnancy books in Spanish.
I'm afraid those streets don't meet, sir. They run parallel.
The marine meets his match, by Cathie Linz.
Vertical limit.
The doors here have all gone squeaky at once.
Why can't he log in to a public terminal?
Sorry ma'am, we don't have an index to the local paper.
Music producing.
They'll renew your card over there, sir.
How to print.
A complaint about all the kids.
How to reserve a computer.
Beat it, kids.
The kid section is downstairs, sir.
How to print.
How to print.
Bathroom's over there, kid.
Scram, kids.
Printer advice.
More damn kids.
"Is so-and-so here?"
Don't run!
Printer advice.
What's on the Mexican flag, in Spanish.
"Fiction about love."
I burned out an hour ago, and there's fifteen minutes left ...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In the Afternoon
The art of war, by Sun Tzu, The prince, by Machiavelli, and Behold a pale horse, by William Cooper.
The diary of Anne Frank (Oh, this is ridiculous. Do I really need to put links on books like this and "The prince?" I don't think so! Everyone is aware of those books!).
Landlord/tenant forms.
They'll renew your card over there, kid.
A newspaper is returned.
Don't run!
The Illinois circuit breaker form.
Event signup.
Today's paper.
How to reserve one of our computers.
They'll look up your number over there.
I instruct a number of patrons on making a computer reservation, printing, using a thumb drive, etc.
Another reservation screwup.
And more reservation instruction.
Did I mention today's the first day of school?
"She needs your help over there."
"We've been in two hundred libraries around the country, and this computer signup system is the most complicated I've ever seen!" I suspect he may be right.
Books on improving memory.
Someone will take your picture in a moment, ma'am.
It finally quiets down.
Librarian Y discuss the merits of outsourcing library administration.
An loud argument in circ over library fines ends up well.
Printer advice.
I hope the rest of the semester isn't like this ...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Herb Albert

The album he's looking for is Rise, by Herb Albert.

Not Herb Alpert, the patron says. That's a completely different musician. He's certain.

Later that Day

Older Man: I need to see today's local paper.
Younger Man: So do I.
Me: Good thing we have two copies. Here you go.
Older Man: (Thumbing through the classifieds) Need to find someone to mow my lawn.
Younger Man: You need someone to mow your lawn? I can do that.

They're sitting and talking it over now.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I kick a guy out of the library. He had been wandering around aimlessly for a full hour, stopping only to chat up women, who were trying to ignore him.

I finally noticed him after Librarian J pointed him out. He talked to a young woman and walked away. I went up to her and asked her if she knew him. "No."

Well, let us know if he's bothering you, I tell her. The woman on the computer beside her says "Count me in, too!"

Five minutes later I'm kicking him out.. A woman nearby said "Finally!" A couple of others were visibly pleased he was going.

What gets me is why didn't anyone complain before? I'd have happily tossed the asshole out the door an hour ago if I had known ...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

In the Afternoon:

State map.
The executioner's song, by Norman Mailer.
Fax number.
Computer reservation issue.
"Is Librarian M there?"
Angeles Y Demonios, by Dan Brown.
She wants the fax number again. Bad cell phone connection.
Printer advice.
Mary Mary, by James Patterson.
I am ordered off the desk.
I return an hour later.
Contact information for Founders Insurance.
No cell phones, kid.
Computer class information.
"Key to the bathroom?"
GED books, especially algebra.
I explain the way the travel books are arranged, twice.
Final destination 3 and ATL.
Illinois rules of the road.
Where are our ebooks? Do you still rent computer games? How can you search different libraries?
Shut up, kids.
Two little girls in blue, by Mary Higgins Clark, S is for silence, by Sue Grafton, and anything by Zane, and ... and ...
Ingles sin barreras.
The bible on audiocassette.
Where's my replacement?
A patron tells me quite strongly that I should read the works of Tove Jansson.
"I need more time on the computer. I'm looking for a job."
Videos about angels.
A confusing question about e-mail.
Click on that globe icon right there, ma'am.
Finally, my replacement.

Monday, July 24, 2006

In the Afternoon:

You parked in the wrong parking garage, ma'am. We can't validate your ticket.
Restrooms are over there, ma'am.
Intense demographic information for a small town not near here. "It's in the 'Fact Book.'"
How to get here. The voice over the phone is so loud you can hear it half a room away.
Local immigration office.
Why can't he get longer than a one-day loan period for this item? We're confused, too.
You get library cards over there, ma'am.
If a lady answers the phone and says "Good afternoon, So-and-So Law Firm," I don't think we dialed their fax number.
"I want books about mystery, love and death." Don't we all?
1984 Chevrolet Camaro repair manual.
You get library cards over there, ma'am.
You can just take the microfilm you want from the drawers yourself, sir.
"How many books can I check out at once?"
Scratch paper's over there, ma'am.
Another library calls about an ILL problem.
ASVAB books.
Behold a pale horse, by Milton William Cooper.
Citizenship classes.
He printed someone else's document. I think he expects a refund.
More printer advice.
I sign in a visitor to an internet terminal.
They'll break a dollar over there.
The patron donates a mistakenly-printed coupon for Aquafina Sparkling and donates it to us.
The color purple, on DVD.
I sign in a visitor to an internet terminal.
Adobe Acrobat's upgrade bot nearly crashes another computer.
Computer reservation problem.
Computer reset.
Yes, sir, we have magazine article databases.
He wants to identify his pet spider.
Shut up, kids.
"Books on calories and carbohydrates."
Librarian Y gets endless questions about the availability of Dragonball Z, volume by volume.

Monday, July 10, 2006

In the Afternoon:

Bathroom's over there, ma'am.
The mis-education of the Negro, by Carter Godwin Woodson.
Ingles sin barreras.
2002 high school yearbook.
I explain the internet reservation system.
Bathroom's over there, ma'am.
"Did An incovenient truth come from a book?"
"I have a lot of questions. I'll start with: Where's the bathroom?"
The man returns. "I need books on divorce, music, and construction, and do you have a copy machine?"
A perfect union, by Catherine Allgor.
I show the man the music books again.
Sorry, ma'am. You can't use my phone. Try the receptionist.
The Da Vinci code, in Spanish.
I explain the internet reservation system, and the patron seems to doze off.
Printer advice.
His mouse and keyboard are dead.
Ingles sin barreras.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.
There follows an hour or so where I could not keep up with all the questions, partly because I was training the new guy at the same time. Stuff about Slovenia, plat maps, etc.
Printer advice.
The reservation slip printer jams up.
You can't use that kid's card on these computers, sir.
Talk to the circ clerks, kid.
Printer advice.
Computer reservation advice.
Incorporation history for a Florida company.
Computer reservation advice.
Printer advice.
Mountains beyond mountains, by Tracy Kidder.
"Is the New York Times a newspaper or magazine?"
Crusader, by Sara Douglass.
"The dating movie."
I fail to figure out how to reset the color copier.
Bus schedules.
I'm so glad that shift is over!
Librarian Y gets a patron who wants an "Uno Yonk" library card, which is good at any library in the country and only costs $10. When Librarian Y asks where she heard about it she is told "It was written in democracy."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Brent Ellis?" Hmm, sorry.
(patron returns) "Eastern Ellis?"
At which point I figure it out.

Every small child who's come in tonight has spent at least part of their time crying loudly.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Late in the Afternoon:

I am now mysteriously subscribed to PC Magazine. Librarian Y and I try to figure out how.
He locked himself off of his computer.
"Excuse me?" Can I help you? "... No, forget it." (wanders vaguely off)
My jump drive saves a patron's document. I always feel smug when that happens.
The green pharmacy and The green pharmacy herbal handbook, by James A. Duke.
The river king, by Alice Hoffman.

In the Evening:
Shut up, kids.
I am told that two volumes of Ray have been stolen.
A zip code lookup.
Do we have the 3-D glasses for Spy kids?
Tamata and the alliance, by Bernard Moitessier.
Into the cold fire, by Lynne Ewing.
Lust, by Robin Wasserman.
I reset a printer.
I reset a computer reservation.
Librarian Y expounds on the quirks of our online catalog's editing module.
Printer advice.
"I'm doing a paper on drugs and stuff."
Charmed thirds, by Megan McCafferty.
Scary movie 4, or When a stranger calls.
"English skills. And math."
Printer advice.
Scratch paper.
Learning the guitar.
The lost boy, by David Pelzer.
Liar's game, by Eric Jerome Dickey.
He left a disc in a public computer.
DVDs for kids.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

In the Morning:

Well, the books on race discrimition would be over there, and the books on sex discrimination would be over here-- "But I want a section with all of them. And a book by the five human rights by the Supreme Court. You think they wrote a book, a fun book like that, during recess?"

And how do you explain that a patron's files were too large to attach to an MSN mail message, when he doesn't speak a word of English?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I have a patron on the phone, trying to find an obscure book. I'm telling him about ISBN numbers or somesuch when suddenly he shouts:

"OH MY GOD!!!"


He hasn't called back.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In the Morning:

Librarian Y says "It's Wednesday, almost the weekend."
Today's paper.
The copier isn't taking coins.
He wants to know when his father died.
Computer guest pass.
He wants to donate bone marrow.
The life of Montezuma.
I help cut and paste a resume.
Essay examples.
Printer won't print.
Books by Sister Souljah.
History of a local flag.
No cell phones, ma'am.
HR Block messed up her forms. Who to call?
The Da Vinci code, by Dan Brown.
Natural history.
Printer advice.
An "innocent and injured spouse form."
Books on the paranormal.
"The computer won't let me log in." Unfortunately, he's talking about his Yahoo mail account.
Steve Carlton, and the day he struck out 19 batters.
(Pointing at a manga volume) "Where do you keep books like that?"
They'll sell you a floppy disk over there, sir.
Fruits basket v. 13, and Read or die v. 2.
I copy and fax a newspaper article.
American accent training..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In the Evening:

Bleach, vol. 4, by Tite Kubo.
You get a new card over there, ma'am.
The complete idiot's guide to buying and selling a home, by Shelley O'Hara and Nancy D. Lewis.
How'd you get on that machine without a reservation?
The print servers ate his print job.
Her a: drive won't open her document.
Jarhead and Aeon flux.
Another eaten print job.
I cancel a computer reservation.
Star wars :Jango Fett : open seasons, by Haden Blackman, and Star wars: complete locations, by Kristin Lundl, Richard Chasemore and Hans Jenssen.
Chosen few: el documental.
The covenant with black America, by Tavis Smiley.
Any version of The lion sleeps tonight.
"Is The exorcist based on a true story?"
That patron is coughing more than poor librarian R.
I kick two girls off an internet terminal.
You can hear that guy snoring from halfway across the building.
He's snoring again ...
Now he leaves, with apologies, returning the dictionary.
A guy's checking for change at the copy machines.
Stand by me. Sorry, it's checked out. "Grr, I know who's got it--SPENCER!"
The great Gatsby. "Which version is closest to the book?"
You need to wait for the machine to boot up, sir.
Online catalogs are over there, sir.
Printer advice.
Presidential elections. "I need to know everything."
There's another copier in the kids section, ma'am.
Don't run!
Exercise videos.
"Anything about art."
Don't run!
A man named Dave, by Dave Pelzer.
"What's that site where you can get videos delivered?"
Librarian B's last day. Bye, Librarian B.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back from vacation ... I should have taken another week off ...

In the Evening:

"The librarian left at five, so I have to ask you." Huh?
The number of counties in Illinois.
You don't need a key to the bathroom, sir.
Printer advice.
I resist the urge to butt into Librarian R's reference interview.
Ingles sin barreras.
Can she send a pp file as an attachment when her computer can't handle pp?
"Who wrote Clear and present danger? ... Tom CLANCY! Thank you! I thought it was Selleck."
Local shelter phone.
Bathrooms are over there, sir.
You need to ask the receptionist over there if you want to use the phone, kid.
If your resume is hardcopy, you can't upload it, sir. Sorry.
Printer advice.
Books by Judith Ortiz Cofer.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh Oh

So I'm on desk, minding my own business, when Librarian K stops by.
"By the way, I like your blog," she says.
Gulp, er, huh?
"Your blog. (Another Library) told me about it."
Er, it's supposed to be a secret, okay?
"You have a blog?" asks Librarian Q.

I should have guessed that someone would figure it out, and with the book coming out, people would learn anyway. Still, it's a bit of a shock. Has everyone always known? Have they been laughing behind my back?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

In the Afternoon:

Do we have The prize winner of Defiance, Ohio?
"Who is in it?"
"How do you spell 'Moore?'"
He's worked hours on a project. Has he saved it? No.
The bathroom's over there, ma'am.
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, by J. K. Rowling.
Whoops. He wanted the movie.
Librarian M's daughter calls.
(Sigh) Harry Potter and the blah blah blah blah.
Hustle & flow.
They'll sell you a floppy over there, kid.
I don't check out books, sir.
Phone number for a local title company.
Uncle Tom's cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Printer advice.
Printer advice.
No cell phones, sir.
Nineteenth century art books.
Nordstrom store locations.
"My computer isn't working."
On one of my trips to the copier I know I'm going to trip on those power cords and send those two laptops crashing to the ground.
Don't run!
Now he wants directions to the Nordstrom stores.
You can log in to our internet terminals, ma'am, but we close at five.
"How many times have you said 'Don't run' today?" asks Librarian Y.
The computer signups are self-service, sir.
Thursday paper.
Shirley Temple movies.
Yearbooks 1980-82.
Any volume of American splendor we have.
"I just got a question." So do they, and they were here first.
Hilary Duff movies, and Harry Potter blah blah de-blah-blah-bloody-blah.
It's closing time, folks. Folks? Folks?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crooks have no taste in manga.

Saturday I left work and found someone had busted a window and ransacked my car.

The only thing I had there of any value was a satchel full of volumes of GTO (which Librarian B had lent me) and Azumanga Daioh (which I had lent him).

The satchel was on the floor of the passenger side, knocked over but otherwise untouched.

Obviously the crook has no taste for school-related manga.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

In the Morning:

His computer won't print.
We only keep back issues for a year, ma'am. (She leaves in a huff)
He still can't print, and the airline website won't let him back on.
You can't log in and leave your kid on the machine, sir.
I hear all about the security guy's sinus condition.
No cell phones, sir.
Dead man walking, by Helen Prejean, on audiocassette.
Printer advice.
Today's paper.
You can't go in there, girls.
More printer advice.
In sheep's clothing, by Mary Monroe.
They'll renew cards over there, sir.
Sorry, I don't speak Spanish.
Driving directions.
Today's paper.
Too many phone questions about our hours and policies.
That library card is good here, sir.
Videos on the Tuskegee Airmen and black cowboys.
Quiet please.
Juan de la Cruz.
I said quiet!
The family man. "It's not in with the T's"
English-Spanish dictionary.
How to run a bulldozer.
DVD policies, card renewal policies, and today's hours, on the phone.
Printer advice.
No cell phones, sir.
Someone moved the new DVDs.
Yay! The temperature has gone up to zero!
He has a lot of questions about downloading and printing. I'm hoping I'm at lunch when he returns.
Yes, ma'am, you have to wait in that long line to pay overdue fines as well.
Here's your video, sir, but you still have to wait in line to check it out.
Yes, sir, this afternoon's computer class is still on.
Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.
You have to wait in that line for a library card, sir.
Voter registration.
Meeting room is downstairs, sir.
Bathroom's over there.
Computer class will be over there, ma'am.
Carleton Sheets videos.
Meeting room is downstairs, ma'am.
Don't run!
Meeting room is downstairs, sir.
You wait in that line to get a card, ma'am.

In the Afternoon:

Men, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
A drink before the war, by Dennis Lehane.
Scrap paper is over there, sir.
Printer advice.
Ancient Egypt.
The health care crisis in this country.
Greek mythology and urban legends.
We lose a patron on a phone transfer.
Scratch paper.
1040 instructions.
The name and number of an Indian restaurant that just opened.
A political quote, but she doesn't know who said it or the exact phrasing.
You can log in twice a day, sir. Yes, sir, twice. That's twice.
She wanted Dogville in VHS ...
Copier advice.
Transformers: Fusion, by David Cian.
Don't run! "I told you." says her brother.
How to create a flyer.
Don't run, or skip!
The internet terminals are self-service, sir.
A color wheel.
Voter registration.
Ingles sin barreras.
Wrestling books.
Baby names in Spanish.
That copier isn't broken, sir. It wants money.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

In the Evening:

I give a patron extra time on a computer.
You have to feed the meters until nine, sir.
They'll look up your card number over there, sir.
Sorry sir, we don't sell GED books.
No cell phones, please.
They'll stamp your parking ticket over there, sir.
Library R is so bored she's begun to sing.
You don't need a key to the bathroom, ma'am.
Can I help you? (click)
How to put money on her card.
No key for the bathroom anymore, kid.
Garrett Morgan.
Don't run!
She wants to use a computer but doesn't have her card, and doesn't want to take 3-4 minutes to get one.
Jackie Robinson.
She gets her card (sighing heavily the whole time) to discover her disk is the wrong format.
A slow night. Not that I'm complaining.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

After tonight's desk session I'm inclined to agree with this.

Doing virtual reference while staffing the ref desk on a busy school night will stress anyone out. Grr ...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hrumph. Happy New Year.

In the Evening:

Love poetry and sex education.
A security guy and I break down the NFL playoff picture.
Carpal tunnel syndrome (different patron).
Internet signup advice.
Aaron Douglas, and deer, or maybe she'll chose coyotes instead.
Computer workshop signup.
Computer workshop signup.
I go on a pencil sharpening run.
A woman asks about getting a passport and then gives me a lecture on the procedure.
"I need information about the South Beach Diet. Are there any books aboutit?"
The receptionist can validate your parking stub, ma'am.
What volume of Ingles sin barreras do they need?
"I just got this card and already it's expired."
He returns the day's paper.
Baby names.
U.S. atlas "with all the statistics in it."
My first printer advice of the new year.
Another newspaper is returned.
Living on purpose, by Dan Millman.
Cichlid fishes.
"My poem was published by the National Library of Poetry, and I want to find the volume." She also wants poems by Nikki Giovanni, and 1984, by George Orwell.
She just lost her library card, and her parents are going to kill her!
Nice quiet night.