Friday, July 20, 2007

In the Afternoon:

All the soup kitchens along Rt. 80.
Algebra books for dummies.
Our network's been having problems for two weeks now, and I think it's about to crash again.
Bethroom's over there.
You need to wait in line to get your card into our system ... Yes, we have wireless ... Everywhere, ma'am.
More computer resetting.
Today's paper.
"Can you reset this computer"
"Can you reset it again?"
Algebra DCDs and CD-ROMs for dummies (different patron).
I don't know why your barcode doesn't exist, ma'am. I'll transfer you to circ.
Mental measurements yearbook.
Don't run, guys.
The wireless should work anywhere, ma'am.
All the computer classes were booked weeks ago, ma'am.
Computer reset.
And another.
Printer advice.
Paper towels (what does she need them for)
Today's paper.