Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hrumph. Happy New Year.

In the Evening:

Love poetry and sex education.
A security guy and I break down the NFL playoff picture.
Carpal tunnel syndrome (different patron).
Internet signup advice.
Aaron Douglas, and deer, or maybe she'll chose coyotes instead.
Computer workshop signup.
Computer workshop signup.
I go on a pencil sharpening run.
A woman asks about getting a passport and then gives me a lecture on the procedure.
"I need information about the South Beach Diet. Are there any books aboutit?"
The receptionist can validate your parking stub, ma'am.
What volume of Ingles sin barreras do they need?
"I just got this card and already it's expired."
He returns the day's paper.
Baby names.
U.S. atlas "with all the statistics in it."
My first printer advice of the new year.
Another newspaper is returned.
Living on purpose, by Dan Millman.
Cichlid fishes.
"My poem was published by the National Library of Poetry, and I want to find the volume." She also wants poems by Nikki Giovanni, and 1984, by George Orwell.
She just lost her library card, and her parents are going to kill her!
Nice quiet night.