Sunday, February 20, 2005

In the Afternoon:

Type your barcode in to start an online session.
Tax forms are over there.
Sorry, I don't know if Napoleon Dynamite is any good.
Type your barcode ...
"I need a magazine article and I need your help because I know things are not like they used to be ..."
They're too loud, but it's a mother explaining the online catalog to her young daughter. I grit my teeth.
They leave, and and their computer has crashed.
Directions to the library.
Cromagnon man.
Conviction, by Leonard Levitt.
The wedding, by Nicholas Sparks.
Type your barcode ...
Type your barcode ...
CD-ROMs are downstairs, sir.
I ask for her to remove her baby, but she's just leaving anyway.
The call number is that number on the spine, ma'am.
I read that the new Microsoft Search Engine doesn't index Blogspot (owned by Google) pages. This one doesn't come up. Hmm ...
Don't run!
Identity theft? Call the FBI.
You print from this machine here, sir.
Type your barcode ...
Microsoft Word is that blue "W," ma'am.
I give a lady extra time on a WP so she can do her footnotes.
Printer advice.
More printer advice.
Dictionaries are over here, sir.
Oh god, more printer advice. Same patron all three times.
I cancel a computer reservation.
She doesn't read the debit card machine directions, and I get sighed at.
William Harvey.
The local paper online.
Yes, you can take you kid to the kids section, ma'am. That's what it's for.
I extend a man's time so he can finish an application.
Kids' books are downstairs, ma'am.
Today's paper.
I extended the wrong computer's time and he lost his application. I apologize a lot.
A book called "Faith under fire," but which one?
MORE printer advice for the same guy. And it's a bust. He didn't save and now it's gone.
Printer advice for other people.
Sorry, I can't extend your time. We're closing.