Friday, October 27, 2006

In the Afternoon:

Copier advice she didn't need.
Sorry, ma'am. No scanner.
Almost all the machines have cd drives, ma'am.
Some city directories, then some more, which leads to my copier lecture.
There's money already in the copier, but a lady claims it before I can pocket it.
A Ray Bradbury horror VHS.
"My computer's trying to install something."
ILL pickup.
Another pen.
Project management books on cassette.
Good Will Hunting.
"I got no skills. You can't even work at a MacDonalds unless you speak Spanish."
Naruto v.8.
Computer login probems.
BOCA manual.
Sorry, ma'am. Wrong department.
Pocketful of miracles and Masters of menace.
A ten-page fax.
A one-page fax.
Copies are twenty cents, sir.
Now we're waiting for the Friday rush-hour dvd request flood.
The chronicles of Narnia, in a single box set.
A woman complains about how we let certain people in the library. When she leaves in a huff the library is much quieter.
Tom and Jerry cartoons.
Saving Private Ryan and The matrix on VHS.
(Twenty minutes later) Stapler.
You check out over there, sir.
Stick it.
We're about to close, ma'am. The internet terminals shut down at ten 'till.