Saturday, February 18, 2006

In the Morning:

His computer won't print.
We only keep back issues for a year, ma'am. (She leaves in a huff)
He still can't print, and the airline website won't let him back on.
You can't log in and leave your kid on the machine, sir.
I hear all about the security guy's sinus condition.
No cell phones, sir.
Dead man walking, by Helen Prejean, on audiocassette.
Printer advice.
Today's paper.
You can't go in there, girls.
More printer advice.
In sheep's clothing, by Mary Monroe.
They'll renew cards over there, sir.
Sorry, I don't speak Spanish.
Driving directions.
Today's paper.
Too many phone questions about our hours and policies.
That library card is good here, sir.
Videos on the Tuskegee Airmen and black cowboys.
Quiet please.
Juan de la Cruz.
I said quiet!
The family man. "It's not in with the T's"
English-Spanish dictionary.
How to run a bulldozer.
DVD policies, card renewal policies, and today's hours, on the phone.
Printer advice.
No cell phones, sir.
Someone moved the new DVDs.
Yay! The temperature has gone up to zero!
He has a lot of questions about downloading and printing. I'm hoping I'm at lunch when he returns.
Yes, ma'am, you have to wait in that long line to pay overdue fines as well.
Here's your video, sir, but you still have to wait in line to check it out.
Yes, sir, this afternoon's computer class is still on.
Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.
You have to wait in that line for a library card, sir.
Voter registration.
Meeting room is downstairs, sir.
Bathroom's over there.
Computer class will be over there, ma'am.
Carleton Sheets videos.
Meeting room is downstairs, ma'am.
Don't run!
Meeting room is downstairs, sir.
You wait in that line to get a card, ma'am.

In the Afternoon:

Men, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
A drink before the war, by Dennis Lehane.
Scrap paper is over there, sir.
Printer advice.
Ancient Egypt.
The health care crisis in this country.
Greek mythology and urban legends.
We lose a patron on a phone transfer.
Scratch paper.
1040 instructions.
The name and number of an Indian restaurant that just opened.
A political quote, but she doesn't know who said it or the exact phrasing.
You can log in twice a day, sir. Yes, sir, twice. That's twice.
She wanted Dogville in VHS ...
Copier advice.
Transformers: Fusion, by David Cian.
Don't run! "I told you." says her brother.
How to create a flyer.
Don't run, or skip!
The internet terminals are self-service, sir.
A color wheel.
Voter registration.
Ingles sin barreras.
Wrestling books.
Baby names in Spanish.
That copier isn't broken, sir. It wants money.