Saturday, May 07, 2005

While on virtual reference the other day:

(I'm helping the patron find contact information for a certain author)

Patron: Do you think it'll be on his website?
Me: I don't think he has one.
Patron: Really? That's really weird!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In the Morning:

Breathing Underwater, by Alex Flinn.
Computer class signup.
I would find the webpage much sooner, ma'am, if you remembered the name of it.
No cell phones.
2000 Toyota Sienna repair manual.
The ILL girl isn't there, sir.
Can we take his picture and post it to Yahoo Personals?
He calls to tell us he'll be here today, whoever he is.
Computer class cancellation.
Type your library card there, ma'am.
Collecting china.
A deficit of decency, by Zell Miller.
Computer class signup.
Another computer class signup.
Sorry, ma'am, we don't have computer rooms.
United Nations peacekeepng.
"Is this computer on?"
"Do you have the Illinois Bar Association?"
Printer reset.
Black girl lost, by Donald Goines.
Printer reset.
I kick a woman off the computer. "Trash must be taken out," she mutters.
Two faxes.
Type your library card ...
Sorry, no scanner.
Oh gawd it's a half-day of school today ...
Trial lawyers. I ask him to get more specific and get a complete rundown on the court case.
How to zoom the copier.
Yearbooks '70-'75.
Royally jacked, by Niki Burnham, Beauty sleep and How not to spend your senior year, by Cameron Dokey.
Local paper article.
I give my microfilm loading lecture.
He doesn't like being on hold and hangs up.
Bus schedules.
They'll make change at the front desk, kid.
Square in the face, by April Henry.