Friday, December 09, 2005

In the Afternoon:

A patron gives a circ clerk a lecture on the Dewey Decimal System..
The patron continues: "You got a basic idea what Johnson & Johnson do, don't you? Bandaids."
Whiteout, a fax and Christmas programs.
He comes back to check on a fax we sent this morning.
Printer advice.
Al Capone does my shirts, by Gennifer Choldenko.
Don't run!
The coldest winter ever, by Sister Souljah.
No cell phones, please.
Langston Hughes.
Directions in Chicago.
Every other day I have to tell that table to shut up.
Don't run!
More directions.
All those computers have the Internet, sir.
Librarian T discuss Jonathan Carroll books.
It's 5:00. Time for the Friday rush.
That little girl is cute and knows it, which is dangerous.
Bathroom's over there, ma'am. No key.
The Perricone weight-loss diet, by Nicholas Perricone.
Free newspapers are over there, sir.
Another loud girl settles down before I can go over and kick her (No, I wouldn't do such a thing).
I reset a printer.
I can't figure out what they wanted. Something about neepers.
The women's room toilets are "messed up."