Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In the Evening:

"Do I have to make a reservation for the computer?"
Adoption for dummies.
The reservation station is over there. No, over there ... No, there, where that other guy is.
All right, we'll let you on the computer, but next time bring your card.
I can't cancel your reservation. It timed out.
The printer card slot is right by the print server, ma'am.
We prepare to kick some kids off a machine. Whoops, they're just leaving.
Printer card advice.
They'll renew your card over there, sir.
They'll make change there, too.
I don't understand the next guy's problem. His computer is working fine.
A cell phone is chirping, but we can't spot it.
Our security guy reminds us that tomorow is payday.
Spanish-English dictionary.
All of a sudden we go 15 minutes between patrons. What's going on?
The reservation machine is over there, sir.
You can renew cards over there, sir.
Two more guys with the same question.
"Remember, next week is superhero practice," says a child. "We gotta sign up for the lasers."
There's scrap paper in that tray, kid.
Tarot reading.
Librarian K goes on break. It immediately gets busy.
A Scientific American article, and a source for grants for Chinese-American retired nurses.
Christmas decorating.
Settle down, kids.
As for the adults, they should know better.
Sorry, kid, you can't use our phone.
"You're closing tomorrow, right?" We'll be open, but there's no Internet access. "But you're closing Thursday, right?" Um, no ...
Our copier is down, sir, but there's one down in the kids section.
A lady has a wolf whistle as her ringtone.
Sorry, kid, you can't use our phone (same kid).
The man has come back to tell us about other weird grants being offered. Twice.
And he's returned one more time, to tell us there's a puddle under the urinals.
Sorry, ma'am, no computer classes right now. But we do have books on the subject.