Monday, July 11, 2005

In the Morning:

"Where's your history section? I just read a book on the history of supermarkets. Do you have any other history books?"
Windows 2000 books.
Resume books. "What's a resume?"
How to get on our computer.
Printer advice.
Reboot. "Stupid computer," she says after not saving.
Guest pass for a computer.
A tour. Loud children and lots of Shhhing.
Endless questions about local collections, and parking.
Printer advice. One computer is printing for free!
You can check out DVDs over there, ma'am.
Copier advice.
More printer advice.
Cell phones outside, sir. (New rule)
A replacement comes and I go off to weed the 000's. Oh, joy.

In the afternoon a bookshelf that collapsed on Friday collapses again.