Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the Afternoon:

It's freezing in here ... again.
Computer login help.
The law library is next door, ma'am.
I show an elderly gentleman how to purchase a cd online. (He figures it out! Whoo-hoo!)
Yes, ma'am, our printers are working.
"My computer's not working."
Missing mouse ball.
Clapton, the autobiography.
This isn't the machine you reserved, sir. That's why it won't let you on.
You'll have to buy a print card, sir.
Key to the study room.
Someone to see the library director.
Today's paper.
Manga blog recommendations.
Emmett Till.
How does he get satisfaction from his employer, White Castle?
Don't run!
Notarization. She pulls out about eight different IDs and fills out two forms all with a big baby on her left arm.
Books by Zane..
Computer login advice.
Today's papers.
Our pencils aren't sharp enough for him.
Scary movie 2 and Shrek 3.
Don't run!