Monday, January 15, 2007

In the Afternoon:

Jodi Picoult books.
How to get a library card.
"My bloody life," by Reymundo Sanchez (I'm sick and tired of finding new links to books I've mentioned thousands of times).
(Forgive me. I'm grumpy for having to work all weekend and then having to come in today)
Tuskegee airmen on VHS? Sorry.
Librarian Y is weeding the philosophy books while laughing evilly.
"The movie 'The hill.' ... Not that one. It didn't have James Bond in it."
Printer advice.
World's greatest treasury of health secrets, requested by a man talking on a cell phone while driving.
CFE? ... no. MCFE? ... no. IFSEA? ... no ...
You: the owner's manual, by "that guy who's on Oprah all the time."
"You're a bachelor, so you ought to know where the love poems are ..." Etc. etc.
Martin Luther King books.
No cell phones, sir ... sir?
The Sunday paper.
Breast cancer.
She picks up a book on hold for her.
Stock trading.
Orkin phone number.
In the womb, by Peter Tallack.
I should kick a girl off the computer for using her mother's card, but she's actually working on a project, so I simply give her a warning.
Sorry, lady. No state tax forms yet.
Don't run!
She thought that "Fairweather friend" by Johnny Gill was an album, but it's actually a song.
"The lion king" on DVD.
I can't remember the titles of the next two books ....
She didn't save her document ...
No cell phones, please (and this one WORKS here).
He makes signing up for our computer classes way too complicated ...
Off to a bloody meeting ...