Friday, February 01, 2008

Selected Transactions from Today:

"I have a book title. It's in German. M-E-I-N ... K-A ... Your copies are checked out? Do you have any Noam Chomsky?"

She inhaled the Princess diaries series in three weeks, but will have to wait months for the final volume.

I figure out what "sopa de pollo para" means through sheer repetition of titles.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday Morning:

Library cards over there, sir.
"I'm completely computer literate." They storm off when I tell them about the signup
Hepatitis C. "Want to see what I'm up against." I didn't need to know that he has it ...
Tax forms are out in the lobby, ma'am.
Study room signup.
Night, by Elie Wiesel. The patron hangs up before I can grab a copy. She calls back and hangs up on my coworker.
Computer signup. "How come we gotta go through this?"
Today's paper.
I locked the woman out of the study room!
Help in filling out the meeting room request form.
The spelling of "Iroquois."
Super Mario brothers.
Computer signup advice.
Estimated tax form.
Discussion over the cost of the thumb drives we sell now.
Two for the dough, by Janet Evanovich.
You have to go into your email account to send email, ma'am.
Bathroom's over there, sir.
Why don't we offer daytime computer classes anymore, and why didn't she get a flyer in the mail like her friend did?
Blood brother, by Anne Bird.
The religion, by Tim Willocks. Mad dash, by Patricia Gaffney. Bone Lake, by Drusilla Campbell.